Have you ever wondered that why such a huge amount of respect and appreciation is given to doctors, surgeons and specialists? The reason for this appreciation is that after God Himself, only a doctor can save a person from death or any other health related disorder. Even though science and technology have contributed in the advancement of every sphere of life but in the case of medicine this advancement has reached to another level because we have been provided with cure for almost every disease. Different disorders, diseases and deformations can be treated by the use of medications, surgeries or any other medical procedure. Number of people work together in the field of medicine to relive the pain of the patient. Similarly, hand surgeons also play their part in this scenario. We will be discussing about hand surgeon; a sub category of an orthopaedic.

Hand surgeon:

We are well aware with the fact that doctor is the person who has attained the degree of bachelors in medicine and bachelors in science (MBBS) and has completed his house job as well but a doctor can further study or specialize in any particular human body part. The person who specializes in any particular area of the body is known as a specialist or surgeon. One of the main differences between specialist and a doctor is that a specialist can perform a surgery and can treat any kind of complicated issue in regards to his area of study but a doctor or GP is not qualified to do that. Orthopaedist is one such kind of a surgeon who has specialized in the field of skeletal system and muscular system. An orthopaedist can further be categorized into a sub specialist known as a hand surgeon Sydney.

A hand surgeon can be defined as the surgeon who has specialized in the field of hand which includes forearm, wrist and hand itself.  So, a hand surgeon can treat every kind of a disorder, deformity or diseases that is related to a hand of the patient.

The kind of deformations that can be treated by a hand surgeon:

As we have discussed earlier, a hand surgeon can treat any kind of disorder that is related to the forearm, wrist and hand of the patient but let us elaborate this statement to some level. Every kind of tendon injury of the hand and the trigger finger can be treated by the hand surgeon. In addition to that disorders like carpal tunnel syndrome, Dupuytren’s contracture and any other such deformation which causes a hindrance in the movement of the hand can be cured by the hand surgeon either by medications or by a surgery.


A hand surgeon is the person who has specialized in the field of musculoskeletal system of hand, wrist and the forearm. He is like any other orthopaedic surgeon and can treat every kind of hand related disorder, deformation or disease either by the use of medication or by carrying out a surgery. “Dr. Nicholas Smith” is considered as one of the best hand and wrist surgeon. Check this link https://www.drnicholassmith.com.au/dr-nicholas-smith/ to find out more details.